Green Generators for Entertainment

John Davis

Green Power GeneratorsGreen Power Generators is helping the entertainment industry lessen its carbon footprint. GPG is already known for its biodiesel-fueled power generators. According to this story posted on on, the company has come up with the next generation of green fuel power:

“We’re very excited to be able to provide the entertainment industry with the only truly eco-friendly energy outsourcing option available today,” explained Tomer DeVito, co-founder of GPG and a television commercial and music video producer. “Generators are the biggest polluters on sets, at concerts and events, and we wanted to change that. We hope to pioneer a change in the way we do things in Hollywood, and beyond. We have already been embraced by several environmental non-profits who will help us encourage all large scale productions to use clean burning fuel.”

Adds Alton Butler, co-founder of GPG and president of Line 204 Studios, GPG’s parent company: “This is a real breakthrough in a business world that is growing increasingly concerned about the environment. The industry standard tier-2 diesel engines are not qualified to burn biodiesel. The available industry standard diesel-engine generators can burn only up to 5% bio-diesel (B5) – if you burn a higher percentage you risk losing your warranty. Currently productions don’t have an option for burning cleaner fuels. GPGs are specially designed to burn the cleanest biodiesel fuels possible”.

A recent report pegs the movie industry as the second-biggest polluter in California. GPG’s new line of generators burn cleaner and are quiet enough to use on a movie set.