Florida Farm to Fuel

Cindy Zimmerman

Gov Crist Government and industry leaders addressed a sold-out crowd at the second annual Farm to Fuel Summit in St. Petersburg on Thursday. Florida governor Charlie Crist told the group that fuels made from agricultural commodities have reached the tipping point in terms of public acceptance.

“It’s finally registered with everybody that this is something that is not only good for the environment, its good for our country, it gets us off of foreign oil, it is simply the right thing to do for America,” said Crist. “And as governor of Florida, I think we have a wonderful opportunity to lead in this regard, more than anybody else.”

“I love corn, it’s great,” Crist added. “But we have sugar cane here, and citrus waste, and one of the most amazing agricultural industries in America – in the world, really.”

Crist admitted that it is hard to find ethanol in Florida right now, but he hopes that will change soon. “The promise in this area is just limitless,” he says.

Crist also announced that he would be going to Brazil in November on a trade mission that will include discussions about how Florida can work with Brazil in biofuels production.

Listen to the governor’s remarks here: [audio:http://www.zimmcomm.biz/audio/f2f-crist-speech.mp3]

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