Saab: Minnesota Tops in E85

John Davis

Sweden and Minnesota have a lot in common: Both are full of Swedes (OK, one more than the other), and both use a high percntage of E-85 ethanol.

This article from the Saab (another Swedish product) web site makes a comparison between the country and the state that saw massive Swedish immigration in the late 19th century:

SaabWhere Sweden is the leader in the Ethanol movement in Europe, Minnesota is clearly designated as the leader in the United States with over 300 stations strong and growing, totalling roughly one third of Sweden’s entire nationwide coverage. In Sweden, there are almost 900 E-85 filling stations covering the entire country according to the Swedish Ethanol Development Foundation. In Minnesota, this works out to about one E-85 pump per every 17,000 persons in Minnesota that has a population at just over 5 million people. In Sweden, there is roughly one E-85 pump per every 10,000 persons with their total country’s population totalling around 9 million people.

The author of the article goes on to wonder if when Saab’s BioPower vehicles, that run on more biofuels than traditional vehicles, do come to America in the near future whether Minnesota would be used as the test bed for those vehicles.

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