Ford Goes for Hydrogen Speed Record

John Davis

Fusion 999Ford will go for a land speed record for a vehicle powered by hydrogen at the Bonneville Salt Flats next month.

This story on the the U.K.-based web site,, says it will be a test of Original Equipment Manufacturer… or OEM… fuel cell cars:

“We have made some modifications to the body to make it more aerodynamic,” said lead engineer Matt Zuehlk. “The 999 is much lower to the ground. There are no mirrors on the vehicle, and the traditional grille in the front that lets air into the radiator is not there because we don’t have a radiator onboard.”

Ford is making the Hydrogen 999 in collaboration with a team from Ohio State University. While they’re at Bonneville, they will also be making an attempt on the speed record for “unlimited class fuel cell vehicles”, in a contraption called the Buckeye Bullet 2.

Buckeye Bullet
Check out the picture. It’s a pretty cool ride… especially with it being green powered.