Ethanol Sunrise

Cindy Zimmerman

Poet LadonniaYou may have heard of a Tequila Sunrise – well, this is an Ethanol Sunrise.

Chuck Zimmerman took these shots of the sun rising on the Poet Biorefining plant in Laddonia, Missouri Tuesday on his way to the 2007 InfoAg Conference in Springfield, Illinois.

According to POET’s website, POET Biorefining – Laddonia began operations in September of 2006. The state-of-the art ethanol production facility consumes approximately 16 million bushels of locally-grown corn to produce 45 million gallons of ethanol annually.

Poet Ladonnia 2POET Biorefining – Laddonia was formed by East Central Ag Products, North East Missouri Grain and POET. POET Biorefining – Laddonia is proud to enhance the local economy with improved corn prices, value-added markets for farmers, good-paying jobs, and increased local tax revenue.

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