EPIC and RFA at Green Grand Prix

Cindy Zimmerman

GGP carHybrid and alternative fueled vehicles were in the spotlight July 6 at the Green Grand Prix in Watkins Glen, NY. The event is organized annually by the Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association, according to Executive Director Carol Fitzgerald.

“This was our third annual Green Grand Prix and it was tremendously successful,” said Fitzgerald. “The goal of the event was to be able to create more awareness of alternative fuels and the impact they can have on the environment.”

There were a total of 36 different vehicles in the road rally this year representing 10 different fuel types.

“We had everything from hybrid vehicles, to the ethanol-powered vehicles, we had electric,” Fitzgerald said. “We actually even had a wood-chip powered vehicle.”

Representatives from the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council (EPIC) and the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) participated in the road rally driving one of only 20 new 2007 Ford Escape Flex Fuel Hybrids currently being tested around the country.

RFA Communications Director Matt Hartwig and EPIC Communications Director Joanna Schroeder were able to average nearly 31 miles to the gallon in the Ford Escape, which is on loan to RFA from Ford to test drive.

Link to full release with audio sound bites.

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