Texas A&M, Blue Diamond Team Up for Biodiesel

John Davis

Texas A&M University and Blue Diamond Ventures, an agriculture, biofuels (including ethanol and biodiesel) and commercial development company with operations in Central America and the U.S. have joined together in a plan to make biodiesel in the Central American country of Belize.

This company press release says the focus will be turning non-food sources into biofuels:

txamlogo.JPG“We are delighted that private industry, and Blue Diamond in particular, is very active in searching for alternative sources of energy,” said Dr. Gerald Riskowski, professor and department head of the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering. “Texas A&M University wants to develop collaborative efforts to help utilize bioenergy for the benefit of society.”

The research initiatives will also focus on various technology advancements, identifying, assessing, cultivating and optimizing production of second generation energy feedstocks for cellulose and bio-oils, characterizing and optimizing the design of dedicated bioenergy crops and developing integrated logistics systems associated with the harvest, transport, storage and conversion of bionergy crops.

bluediamond.jpg“We will be producing a product in accordance with international fuel standards, and this requires having the best minds and most efficient technology to achieve our goals,” said Blue Diamond Chief Executive Officer John Quincey Moaning. “We are delighted to have one of the country’s leading biofuels institutions as a partner.”

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