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Cindy Zimmerman

FEW BloggersGreat thing about going to meetings is getting to meet people you only know by email. I got to meet a couple of fellow bloggers at the Fuel Ethanol Workshop in St. Louis.

Pictured here with me is C. Scott Miller, editor of the BIOconversion Blog. We started our blogs at about the same time and started communicating way back then.

FEW NathanI also met Nathan Schock with POET, pictured here moderating a press conference at the FEW. He is the editor of POET’s Rhapsody in Green blog. Nathan is a great PR guy, always quick to send pictures and just does a wonderful job all around.

Great to meet both of them.

RFAThanks to the Renewable Fuels Association for sponsoring coverage on Domestic Fuel of the 2007 Fuel Ethanol Workshop.

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