Making Biofuels More Accessible in Tennessee

John Davis

Gov. Phil BredesenTennessee Governor Phil Bredesen wants drivers to be able to find ethanol and biodiesel to fill their tanks.

This story on the WKRN-TV web site says stickers at the gas pumps pushing the state’s new BioTenn plan, promoting E85 ethanol and biodiesel, should be popping up in about a month or so:

“What I’m trying to do is get Tennessee in a position of being a leader in adopting these things and being a leader in the technology it takes to produce this,” Governor Bredesen said Thursday. “I think this can have every bit as much, and maybe more impact, that the auto industry has had if we play our cards right.”

Thirty-two stations sell the green fuel in Tennessee right now. More than a dozen more on coming on line in the next month.

BioTennYou can check out Tennessee’s biofuels efforts at

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