Royal Riding on Biodiesel

John Davis

Prince CharlesIn an effort to be more friendly to the planet, Prince Charles says he is using biodiesel in a couple of his personal vehicles… and might even use the green fuel on the Royal Train.

This story appeared in the Seattle Post Intelligencer:

The report — printed on recycled paper in vegetable-based ink — said the prince had reduced the number of plane and helicopter journeys he takes, introduced green electricity at Highgrove, and converted his Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles to run on biodiesel fuel from used cooking oil. Plans also are being discussed to convert the royal train to biodiesel, said the prince’s principal private secretary, Sir Michael Peat.

The Prince’s office went on to say that Charles has reduced his carbon footprint by reducing the amount of air travel, and when he does have to fly, invests in a company that plants trees to offset that travel.