Biofuels Focus of Farm Improvement Act

Cindy Zimmerman

Mahoney Encouraging development of cellulosic ethanol is one of the main goals of the bi-partisan American Farm Improvement Act of 2007 introduced by Florida Congressmen Tim Mahoney and Adam Putnam.

The bill seeks to jumpstart the alternative energy market by eliminating multiple, conflicting definitions of “biomass,” “cellulosic ethanol,” and other terms relating to the emerging biofuels market. The American Farm Improvement Act also creates and improves loan guarantee programs within USDA that focus on building facilities to produce liquid fuels, power and other commercial products from cellulosic feedstocks.

PutnamCongressman Putnam said, “By jumpstarting the research and development on cellulosic ethanol, we think it can play a tremendous role in adding value to existing agricultural commodities.”

Putnam believes Florida could play a key role in producing cellulosic ethanol “with a year-round growing season and tremendous acres of formally mined phosphate lands that offer potential for energy crops.” Adding value to agricultural lands for the production of energy crops could also help slow the loss of land to urban development in the state.

Listen to an interview with Congressman Putnam about the proposed legislation here: [audio:]

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