Biodiesel Better for Building

John Davis

Destiny USAThe smell of french fries fills the air. But this isn’t the back of some fast food restaurant… it’s a construction site where 100% biodiesel is fueling the heavy equipment.

Destiny USA, a destination resort under construction in Syracuse, New York, is dedicated to reduce the amount of fossil fuels in its construction site… and eventually at Destiny USA when it’s completed.

This press release from the National Biodiesel Board tells how construction companies and others are realizing the health, environmental, and energy security benefits of using cleaner-burning biodiesel in construction equipment:

“With the Destiny USA project, we will stop talking about our dependence on fossil fuels and instead demonstrate how we can earn our independence,” said Robert J. Congel, founder of Destiny USA. “This project will prove the viability of using 100 percent biofuel in all types of equipment, and will educate and challenge other developers in New York and around the country to adopt similar environmentally friendly approaches.”

Destiny USA will be a showcase for the world’s most advance technologies and services. Destiny began using lower blends of biodiesel, and is in the process of switching all 18 excavation and site work vehicles to B100. Through the duration of the construction, it is expected that nearly 100 different construction vehicles will run on biodiesel, consuming over 10,000 gallons of B100 per month for the next 6-8 months.

The Union of Concerned Scientists put out a report earlier this year that says construction equipment is the leading cause of diesel pollution in California (see my post from March 21st). And other construction companes and heavyequipment operators are getting the message. Earthwise Excavation of Snohomish, Washington; Turner Construction Company in Washington state; The Tennessee Department of Transportation; The Cherokee Boys Club, in Cherokee, North Carolina; Manatt’s, Inc., based in Brooklyn, Iowa; and North Bay Construction in Petaluma, California all have biodiesel success stories to tell.

NBB logoThe NBB has this link for you to read some of those stories.