Mitigating Biofuels Effects on Food

John Davis

AACC logoAACC International (formerly known as the American Association of Cereal Chemists) is inviting senior food industry executives to a three-day symposium and workshop to discuss the impact the biofuels industry is having on the food market.

The AACC web site has more information on the seminar, titled “Biofuels and Food, Mitigating the Impact of Biofuels Demand on Food Ingredients” scheduled for July 26-28th at the Hyatt Lodge at McDonald’s Campus in Chicago, Illinois:

An executive seminar designed for senior food industry executives that will:

* Define the current and future state and impact of burgeoning ethanol demand on agriculture and the food industry.
* Identify and review potential solutions to the price/supply issues generated by demand for corn and other agricultural commodities for ethanol production.
* Establish a framework for a subsequent Workshop /Seminar on practical product development to mitigate the impact of corn and other ethanol biomass demand.

This course is ideal for senior R&D and purchasing executives of food and beverage companies. In response to the global issue of Mitigating the Impact of Biofuels Demand on Food IngredientsEthanol and Food, AACC International has designed a workshop to encourage creative thinking, candid presentations and extensive networking opportunities between industry experts, solution providers and food and beverage industry decision makers.

Workshop subjects include projecting biofuels demand and the impact on food prices, supply chain risk factors, and a technical solutions panel, among others. In between, there will be plenty of time for breakout sessions and networking opportunities.

Reservation deadline is July 5th, 2007. Check it out on the AACC web site.

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