Propane Helping Out Dairies

Chuck Zimmerman

Mike Peacock and Kirk MorrowHere’s an interesting application for propane that targets the dairy industry from a company that’s known for making gas fired appliances.

One of the companies that the Propane Education & Research Council is working with on some projects is Rinnai. One thing they’re doing that is real interesting is tankless water heaters.

As you’ll hear in my interview with Mike Peacock (left) and Kirk Morrow, they’re working with PERC on a project with some dairies to showcase how their technology can benefit the farm. Essentially they say it allows the dairy to replace boiler systems that can break down causing the dairy to be without hot water until it gets fixed. Their systems don’t have many moving parts and so they last a long time. Additionally they’re working with the dairies on some other applications like floor heating which would help northern dairies in the winter to keep floors from becoming slick and animals from slipping.

In my interview with Mike and Kirk they also provide some explanation of just how this tankless system works. You can listen to my interview with them here: [audio:]

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