Udall Bus Running on Biodiesel

John Davis

Udall Bus
A B20 blend of biodiesel will be what fuels the Morris K. Udall Foundation’s bus tour this year. The tour that highlights public service, environmental, and Native American issues launched today in Washington, D.C.

Rahall-ScarlettAccording to this National Biodiesel Board news release, members of Congress and federal government agency leaders kicked off the coast-to-coast Udall Legacy Bus Tour near the U.S. Capitol in the first motor coach approved by the University of Vermont’s “Green Coach Certification” program:

NBB logo“We are pleased to see that the Udall Foundation and the federal agencies and equipment manufacturers who are sponsoring the tour recognize biodiesel’s valuable contribution to the environment,” said NBB Chief Executive Officer Joe Jobe. “It is only fitting that the bus tour will feature many National Parks since the Park Service’s fleets were among the first in the nation to use biodiesel. Today, hundreds of fleets, including government, commercial and school buses, use biodiesel to benefit America’s environment, energy security and economy.”

The bus tour winds through the country from now until the beginning of August. Along the way, the biodiesel-powered tour bus will carry 13 Udall scholars from the East Coast to the West, winding more than 8,600 miles, passing through 26 cities, six national parks, and six Native American communities.

You can check it out on the web at www.udall.gov.

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