Biodiesel, Solar for the Big Apple

John Davis

Being green isn’t just for areas surrounded by green farm fields. The grey, concrete jungle of New York City will start using solar power and biodiesel to heat city buildings.

Michael BloombergAn AP story posted on MSN’s money web site says the announcement comes as part of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s environmental plans. He wants the city to reduce the city’s carbon emissions by 30% in the next 23 years. Part of the plan includes replacing city taxis with hybrids and charging a surcharge for anyone who drives into the most congested areas of Manhattan.

The most recent part of the plan includes using biodiesel for heating city buildings by next summer and the solicitation of bids to put solar panels on city-owned buildings.

After tackling city buildings, councilmen are looking at making a biodiesel mandate for private home heating oil starting in 2009.

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