EcoJet On Display at CMA

Chuck Zimmerman

EcoJetWhen I traveled to Jay Leno’s Garage recently the EcoJet was still being worked on and we couldn’t take pictures of it. Now it’s out on tour and the latest stop is the CMA Music Festival at the New Holland tent. Jay has a New Holland Boomer tractor to pull cars around in his garage and it runs on a biodiesel blend.

Jay wanted a jet engine of a car and he got one. The EcoJet runs on 100% biodiesel and cranks out 650 horsepower showing that this alternative fuel is high performance.

I interviewed Steve Reich about the car. He works for Jay Leno doing logistics which includes traveling around with this car lately. The EcoJet was designed by Jay working with General Motors. Steve says that the car is very light weight and should be able to hit about 220 mph. I’m guessing that when Jay drives it to the studio to do his show he’ll be doing the speed limit. Right?

Having the car on display here at the New Holland tent came about after Gene Hemphill, New Holland Public Affairs Director, met with Steve and Jay in Burbank when Jay decided to get his New Holland Boomer. Here’s my interview with Steve: [audio:]