E85 for East Tennessee

Cindy Zimmerman

pilotPilot Corporation has opened the first fuel pump in East Tennessee to sell 85 percent ethanol (E85).

pilot openHelping with the grand opening was Alan Jones, manager of Tennessee Department of Transportation’s Environmental Policy Office, who is pictured fueling up a state vehicle with E85 at the Walker Springs Road Pilot location just off of I-40 in Knoxville.

“Pilot is proud to take this first step in bringing E85 fuel to Knoxville and East Tennessee,” said Jimmy Haslam, CEO of Pilot Corporation. “As it is feasible, we will continue to install E85 pumps at other locations in Knoxville and elsewhere. E85 is an important breakthrough alternative fuel source. It’s American made and can help U.S. farmers since ethyl alcohol comes from crops. As production increases, E85 will help ensure that our country has the proper supply of energy in light of continually increasing world-wide demand for gasoline.”

Haslam said that Pilot is grateful to Tenn. Gov. Phil Bredesen and the State of Tennessee for providing funding for alternative fuel resources such as E85. He said that this kind of support will allow fuel distributors like Pilot Corporation to continue to install E85 pumps.

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