Blogging POET

Cindy Zimmerman

POET POET is composing a “Rhapsody in Green.”

That’s the clever title of POET’s new blog site, created and maintained by POET Director of Public Relations Nathan Schock. It’s a very nice looking and well done blog.

Nathan says the purpose of the site is to “give you an inside look at the largest dry-mill ethanol producer in the country. An inside look at the company that is developing the next generation of biofuels: cellulosic ethanol.”

Most of all, we intend to introduce you to the people inside POET. They are a talented group of individuals who are constantly innovating in the ethanol industry. As we build plants, speak at conferences, develop technology and produce ethanol, we’ll talk about it here.

Check it out. We’ve also put a link to Rhapsody in the side bar.

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