Oklahoma to Host Biofuels Conference

John Davis

Grow logoOklahoma Governor Brad Henry is hosting a conference on biofuels October 16-17th in Oklahoma City. More information is on the way but this web site www.growok.com is a start.

From the governor’s welcome:

Gov. HenryIt is my pleasure to invite you to attend to the Oklahoma Governor’s Conference on Biofuels.

For reasons of national security, economic well-being, concern for our environment and concern for our finite oil and gas resources, our country has embarked on a policy to develop alternative transportation fuels and free ourselves from dependence on imported foreign oil.

Henry points out that Oklahoma is uniquely placed to be a leader in the biofuels market with its prairie grass resources and refining capacity and infrastructure already in place.

This is the second annual biofuels conference for the state.

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