Ethanol 2012 Study

Cindy Zimmerman

E 2012What’s ahead on the road for ethanol? That’s what a new report will attempt to predict.

Representatives from agriculture, energy, public policy and technology are working on the Ethanol 2012 study, being spearheaded by consulting firm The Hale Group, according to a news release.

The Hale Group is working with Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA), which is led by global energy expert Dr. Daniel Yergin, former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture and U.S. Trade Ambassador Clayton Yeutter, and Dr. Bruce Dale of Michigan State University.

“Over the next five years, the U.S. corn-based ethanol industry is going to face major strategic challenges as it becomes a more mature industry given that the commodity markets remain volatile and the government is developing policies for renewable energy and climate change,” said Clayton Yeutter. “The Ethanol 2012 Study brings together a highly qualified group with the petroleum, agricultural, technology and policy expertise to develop winning strategies that respond to the challenges.”

According to the Ethanol 2012 website, the study is “designed to meet the strategic planning needs of current ethanol producers, companies that are considering entry into the industry, financial firms that have an investment in the ethanol industry, service providers to the ethanol industry, and governmental agencies.”

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