New Technology Makes Green Fuel Greener

John Davis

Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc., has found a way to make diesel fuel burn cleaner. That means biodiesel, which already burns pretty clean, will be an even greener fuel.

Dr. Walter CopanDr. Walter Copan, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Clean Diesel, says his company has developed a range of retrofit emissions control technologies, called Purifier. This new technology will help meet the requirements of new European LOw Emissions Zones (LEZs). One of these zones is about to take effect in London, England.

“The mayor of London, Ken Livingston, has spearheaded an initiative to bring cleaning technologies for new vehicles, as well as to retrofit the older, dirtier engines that are operating in the city,” says Copan. That’s where his company comes in.

“Clean Diesel’s Purifier technologies deliver robust emission control performance controlling particulate matter, the black smoke, that you see out of older diesels and those that do not have filters on them.”

So what about biodiesel that already has low particulate emissions?

“(Our technology is) a catalyst that helps the fuel itself burn more completely and more cleanly, and so the Purifier system working with biodiesel will have dramatically improved performance even in relation to current Number 2 diesel or ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel,” says Copan. “The Purifier technology has been demonstrated to be fully compatible with the biofuels in the market today.”

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