Green Flag Sweepstakes Winner

Chuck Zimmerman

Green Flag Sweepstakes WinnerWinning a two year lease on a Flex-Fuel Chevy Silverado would be pretty cool and apparently a lot of people thought so. HANK FM, along with Gas America and EPIC ran the Green Flag Sweepstakes with the winner being picked yesterday afternoon after the pump promotion. HANK was doing a live remote throughout the event. Here’s how it worked.

Participants had to listen to the station or visit a Gas America station for keywords. Then they had to text the word to the station and if they were a winner they got a bounce back text message saying so. The winners all had to show up to press a buzzer and if it played “Dixie” you won a 2-year lease on a Flex-Fuel Chevy Silverado!

Well the winner is Kathleen from Franklin, IN. She was very excited as you can tell. Kathleen is pictured in the center between HANK on-air personalities and representatives from EPIC and Gas America. I interviewed her to see how she felt and what she thinks of ethanol. [audio:]

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