UK Study Shows How Green Biodiesel Is

John Davis

A new report coming out of Great Britain says using biodiesel in place of ultra-low sulfur diesel can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by an amazing 94%… and reduce energy use by up to 97%.

Check out this story in Biofuel Review:

A summary of the research was launched today (23rd May) at a meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Renewable Fuels Group. The Chairman of NorthEast Biofuels, John Reynolds, said: “We commissioned this research to understand more about the energy use and greenhouse gas emissions during the whole production process for biodiesel. The findings are extremely encouraging and will help us in our future planning to ensure that we are optimizing our processes to make the maximum possible savings.

The research took account of the energy used and the greenhouse gases produced at every stage of the process. This included all the activity and materials used to produce the crop on the farm, from the time it is planted through to harvesting, transportation and storage, processing into biodiesel, and delivery for use.

Researchers say this should help dispel some of the recent criticisms that biodiesel is not all that environmentally friendly.

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