Cheap Gas In Indy

Chuck Zimmerman

Gas America Pump PromotionActivities we’re covering here in Indianapolis got started with a pump promotion at Gas America on Lafayette Rd. not far from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It was an unbelievably successful promotion. We had hundreds of cars lined up for hours to get their chance at $2.25/gallon gas containing 10 percent ethanol. The price was set by the qualifying pole position speed for this weekend’s race.

I think every TV station was represented out here today covering the event. We had several helicopters hovering overhead and several radio stations doing live remotes. All in all I’m sure the folks at EPIC are very please with how things went. Laura and I have more pictures and some interviews for you which we’ll post just as soon as we can. We’ve got to be on site for one more promotional event that’s taking place this afternoon.

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