Motown Opens 1st Biodiesel Plant

John Davis

Biodiesel Industries Inc.Detroit might have built its business on the gasoline engine, but biodiesel has gained an important foothold there.

This story in the Detroit News says Biodiesel Industries, Inc broke ground on a 20,000 square foot research, development, and production plant… the sixth one the California-based company’s has built in the country and its first one in Michigan:

The Detroit facility is scheduled to open by the end of fall and will employ 40 workers, from delivery truck drivers to sales people to researchers and engineers. Ten million gallons of biodiesel will be produced at the plant each year.

If that’s not green enough for you, Biodiesel Industries is working with NextEnergy, Chrysler and Michigan State University to acquire some Brownfield sites (areas contaminated with toxins) in the Metro Detroit area to put in crops that will eventually be turned into biodiesel. A site in Oakland County is already being tested.