US BioEnergy Nebraska Plant Starts Production

Cindy Zimmerman

US BioenergyUS BioEnergy has announced that its Ord, Nebraska ethanol plant has begun production. The company broke ground on the 50 million gallon per year ethanol plant in December 2005 and completed construction ahead of the normal 20-month schedule.

US Bio Ord, located in central Nebraska and adjacent to the Nebraska Central Railroad, is expected to produce approximately 50 million gallons of ethanol and 275,000 tons of modified wet distillers grains per year from the 15 to 18 million bushels of corn provided by local farmers. The plant has created approximately 40 new jobs in the city of Ord.

Gordon Ommen, CEO of US BioEnergy, stated, “The opening of our fourth ethanol plant demonstrates the quality and effectiveness of the US BioEnergy team, which continues to execute our strategy ahead of schedule. We remain focused on building and acquiring ethanol plants in the Midwest. By doing so, we believe we will deliver on our goals of revitalizing Midwestern communities, promoting energy independence, and delivering value to our shareholders.”

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