Big Biodiesel Producer Adds Red Dye to Mix

John Davis

Gulf HydrocarbonHouston-based Gulf Hydrocarbon, Inc, the top provider of biodiesel for the petroleum industry, is adding red dye to some of its biodiesel at its terminal in Houston. So why the red dye?

The dye red biodiesel is used off-road by construction companies, ranchers, farmers, and standby generators, marine and drilling industries because of its non-taxable incentive provided by the US government.

Scott Hughes, Director of Governmental Affairs for the National Biodiesel Board says, “Dye red presents a wonderful non-taxable option for farmers, ranchers, off-road equipment haulers to better manage their logistics costs. The tax incentives will continue to help develop the biodiesel industry and preserve our natural resources. Gulf Hydrocarbon is truly a pioneer in the industry by providing this product at the pump in their terminals.”

The product is being offered in Louisiana and Texas.