AAAS Building Banner

Chuck Zimmerman

AAAS Building BannerOn a walk around my hotel last night here in Washington, DC I saw this building banner for that promoted the AAAS Annual Meeting. The American Association for the Advancement of Science had a news blog for the conference, something that we’re seeing more and more organizations doing these days. In fact, that’s a specialty of our company, ZimmComm New Media.

Hopefully the AAAS looks at ethanol as part of the solution to our energy needs here in America since they do want to advance real science and not the sensationalist pap we still see in some mainstream media outlets like last night’s ABC 2020 farce by John Stossel. I guess he needed a ratings boost and wanted to trash an industry quoting flawed science and relying on emotionalism. Unfortunately for him I think the only appeal he had was to a very small minority of people who are clueless on this issue.

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