Green Racing By Bobby Rahal

Chuck Zimmerman

Bobby Rahal at National Press ClubFor the first time ever an Indianapolis 500 winner spoke at the National Press Club today. Bobby Rahal was the featured speaker at today’s luncheon with the press. His topic was the “The Greening of Racing: Ethanol Powers the Indianapolis 500.″

He was a winner again today as he spoke and answered questions for about an hour in front of a packed room. I think all the tables were sold out.

Bobby said that he is proud of what the Indy Racing League has done to move to an environmentally friendly fuel because it means they’re focused on more than just entertainment and on what matters and is important to people in their everyday lives here in our country.

You can listen to an excerpt of his speech here: Listen To MP3 Bobby Rahal (3 min MP3)

I’ve created an online photo album from the event you are welcome to visit: Bobby Rahal at National Press Club Photo Album

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