Bobby Rahal Speech at National Press Club

Chuck Zimmerman

Bobby Rahal at National Press ClubI think Bobby Rahal was a big hit today at the National Press Club. There were a lot of other people from the ethanol industry on the head table but none of them got to speak or answer questions. Everyone was just excited to listen to this great competitor.

Near the end of the hour session we did get to hear from IRL CEO Tony George and I’ll have an interview with him for you later. In the meantime I thought you might want to listen to the whole press conference which includes Bobby’s speech and the Q&A session.

The way they work this is that people write out questions for the speaker and the moderator then poses them to the speaker after their speech. So here you go.

You can listen to the entire event here: Listen To MP3 Bobby Rahal National Press Club (50 min MP3)

Bobby Rahal at National Press Club Photo Album

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