Web Site Promotes Oil from Algae

John Davis

Put together oil and algae and what do you get? Oilgae! It’s not just a clever wordplay, some researchers are getting oil from algae.

A new web site, Oilgae.com, is promoting those new technologies that could prove to be a very viable feedstock for biodiesel:

While a number of bio-feedstock are currently being experimented for biodiesel production, algae have emerged as one of the most promising sources for biodiesel production, for two main reasons (1) The yields of oil from algae are orders of magnitude higher than those for traditional oilseeds, and (2) Algae can grow in places away from the farmlands & forests, thus minimising the damages caused to the eco- and food chain systems.

This India-based web site is a little bare bones right now… no fancy graphics… but there seems to be a lot of information on it. It also shows how much the international community is committed to the biodiesel industry.

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