Jeff Simmons Qualifies at 210.994

Chuck Zimmerman

Team Ethanol Transport TruckThe truck that transports Team Ethanol got a new paint job for this season. I hadn’t seen it before today. Looks pretty slick to me.

It’s the end of the day for me here at Kansas Speedway. The Indy car qualifying is over now and Jeff Simmons got through it okay. His qualifying time is 210.994 MPH. That ethanol fuel definitely has a kick. After they qualify the drivers all come by the IRL Bull Pen for pics and interviews. Of course I interviewed Jeff. He’s our ethanol champion out there and we’re definitely rooting for him tomorrow.

Jeff wishes he had done a little better in qualifying but says the car races better than it qualifies. I guess we’ll see tomorrow.

Listen to my interview with Jeff: Listen to MP3 Jeff Simmons Interview (1 min MP3)

My photo album for this weekend is growing. Check out all the ethanol related activities.

2007 Kansas Lottery Indy 300 Photo Album

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