E85 Everywhere

Cindy Zimmerman

CACThe American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest is holding an “E85 Everywhere” rally in the Minnesota State Capitol Rotunda this Friday, April 27.

Governor Tim Pawlenty and a bipartisan gathering of legislators from both the Minnesota Senate and Minnesota House of Representatives will speak on the importance of maintaining the lead in E85 development and on their support for the E85 Everywhere push.

NEVCE85 Everywhere is a public-private partnership which seeks to achieve 1,800 E85 fueling outlets in Minnesota over the next few years. The purpose is to help achieve the state’s 20% ethanol-use goal, enacted by the 2005 legislature. The partnership is also supported by the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition.

“We have proven E85 and flexible fuel vehicles are a viable alternative to gasoline; one of many choices we have that can combat global climate change and the ever-growing need for energy sources,” stated Tim Gerlach, Vice President of Clean Fuels and Vehicle Technologies at American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest.

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