DTN Starts Biodiesel Trading Info

John Davis

DTN logoMarket information provider DTN has introduced a biodiesel trading platform. DTN ProphetX Biodiesel Edition provides biodiesel producers and investors with intelligence on agricultural and energy markets.

This news release posted on Grainnet.com says the service also provides pricing information, commentary and other risk management tools:

This edition is for anyone in the emerging biodiesel markets to ensure future profitability and support sound investment decisions.

DTN ProphetX Biodiesel Edition’s risk management tools create user-specific “what if” scenarios to determine gross margin, net profit, break-even prices, exposed production risks and optimal hedging strategies over a 12 month period.

The DTN Biodiesel Crush tools can even assist users in determining the most economical and profitable multi-feedstock selections and ratios for operations and local market conditions.

DTN officials say ProphetX Biodiesel Edition is the only trading platform of its kind out there.