Crow Wraps Up Stop Global Warming Tour

John Davis

Crow and bus
Singer Sheryl Crow and environmentalist Laurie David (in the center of the picture above) wrapped up their nationwide tour in a biodiesel bus at a stop in Washington, DC today, Earth Day. The Washington Post featured some posts from Crow’s and David’s blogs along the way on the Stop Global Warming College Tour:

David (4/10, Dallas): I am jogging outside in 40 degree freezing cold . . . 70 degrees in January and 40 degrees in April. That is exactly why Sheryl Crow and I are in a biodiesel bus going thru the Southeast visiting college campuses to talk about the urgency of this issue and how everyone . . . everyone . . . has to start doing something. I would write more, but I have to go run warm water over my hands and thaw out from my run.

The actual blog posts are a little tough to find but this web site is a good start.