Alberta to Get Big Biofuel Refinery

John Davis

Developers say they will build North America’s largest biofuel refinery… capable of producing about 100 million gallons a year of ethanol, biodiesel, and canola oil… near Innisfail, Alberta.

This story in the Toronto Star says the $400 million plant will be built by private equity firms Riverstone Holdings and Carlyle Group and privately held Dominion Energy in an area where a lot of grain is grown:

“I don’t know if there’s (a plant) like it anywhere right now, but I’m sure there will be,” Curtis Chandler, president of Dominion Energy, said in an interview.

“It made sense to locate them all on one facility, from … not only a capital cost, but an operating cost on a go-forward basis,” he said.

Innisfail, which is in Canada’s main grain-producing region, was chosen for its skilled work force and its proximity to Canadian Pacific rail service, Stephen Schaefer, managing director of Riverstone, said in a statement.

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