AFVi Awards

Cindy Zimmerman

AFVIThe Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute (AFVi) recently recognized outstanding leadership in the alternative fuels and vehicles industry at the 13th Alternative Fuels & Vehicles National Conference & Expo 2007.

General Motors received the Green Award for the “Live Green Go Yellow” marketing and advertising campaign.

AFVIAmerican Honda was honored with the Green Fleet Award for “leadership and consistency in manufacturing vehicles that provide fleets and customers with the greenest choices around.” Pictured, Dan Bonawitz, Vice President of Corporate Planning and Logistics for American Honda, accepted this award from actor Larry Hagman and AFVi Executive Director Annalloyd Thomason.

The Industry Innovation Award was presented to James Harger of Clean Energy, Westport Innovations CEO Mike Gallagher, Mark Zucker and Andy Douglas of Inland Kenworth.

The Industry Pioneer of the year was Anne Smith with the Southern California Gas Company, and philanthropist T. Boone Pickens was honored with the Industry Vision Award.

More information and photos available here.

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