Arnold Pumps Biofuels

Cindy Zimmerman

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger talked about making biofuels cool and sexy during two speeches last week on the East Coast.

Schwarzenegger spoke to the Council on Foreign Relations Board in New York on Thursday and at the Global Environmental Leadership Conference at Georgetown University on Wednesday, making nearly identical speeches comparing the environmental movement to bodybuilding and the need to make being green sexier.

Arnold “You have to make things cool, you have to make things sexy and cutting edge,” he said. “And so we don’t have to take away the cars from the people, the SUVs, the Hummers, and the muscle cars. No. That formula is a formula for failure. Instead, what we have to do is make those muscle cars and those SUVs and those Hummers more environmentally muscular. That is what we have to do. This is why now one of my Hummers runs on biofuel, and the other one of my Hummers runs on hydrogen fuel.”

At the Georgetown conference, which was sponsored by Newsweek, the governor appeared on stage next to a large poster of the current Newsweek cover, which portrays a smiling Schwarzenegger balancing Earth on one finger above the headline, “Save the Planet – Or Else.”

Full text and video of Schwarzenegger’s speeches available on the governor’s website.

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