Emerald Isle Going Greener

John Davis

Ireland has broken ground on its first large-scale biodiesel refinery, expected to be making the alternative fuel by 2008.

According to a story in Biofuel Review, the plant will use a variety of sources… many from local farmers:

Green Biofuels Ireland intends to commence production of biodiesel from oil seed rape, recovered vegetable oil and animal fats in 2008. The raw materials for the biodiesel production will be sourced principally from the company’s shareholders which include existing RVO handlers, as well as the Wexford Farmer’s Co-op, which has 4,000 farmer shareholders.

The plant will produce 34 million liters (about 8 million gallons) a year.

Ireland is moving to a biofuel obligation with a target of 5.75% market penetration by 2010 and 10% by 2020.

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