Eagles Making Philly Windy City

John Davis

The Philadelphia Eagles color is green, and officials with the organization also want to make it a way of life. According to a press release on the team’s web site, owner Christina Lurie says employees living in the Philadelphia area and New Jersey will be reimbursed for buying wind energy. The announcement came during the NFL’s Business Summit being held in Philadelphia:

“As representatives of the 32 NFL teams convene here in Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Eagles will have the opportunity to share its best practices that can make a difference to our planet and to the future of our children,” Lurie said. “We hope to serve as an example for NFL teams and the corporate sector.”

The team estimates that if each employee purchased 300 KW of wind energy, that would equal planting 268 trees every year or not driving 3,600 miles.

It’s part of the Eagles’ Go Green program started in 2003.