Ethanol on the Campaign Trail

Cindy Zimmerman

At least three GOP presidential candidates were talking about biofuels on Wednesday.

In his campaign kickoff address, Republican Tommy Thompson, former Governor of Wisconsin, noted that his state “saw the promise of ethanol and renewable energy far before it was fashionable.”

On the environment and energy, America must become independent in its energy needs and break reliance on foreign oil. We must begin with greater investments in renewable energy, like ethanol, so we can bring these technologies to market faster and more efficiently. And we must come together and deal with our changing climate.

According to an Associated Press article, Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani said during a visit to Florida that everything should be considered if the United States wants to break its reliance on foreign oil.

The former New York mayor cited Brazil’s use of ethanol as an example the United States should follow.

“Brazil’s a wonderful country, wonderful economy, wonderful scientific community – it’s not the United States of America. Why should they be ahead of us on ethanol? We should be ahead of them. That should be our goal,” he said.

If the United States concentrates on new or improved technologies for energy production, it can then turn around and sell them to countries like India and China who have a growing demand, he said.

Meanwhile, in Oklahoma, CNHI News Service reports that Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS) voiced support for a new version of the Homestead Act that would “encourage capital investments in rural communities, which could include the production of corn or other ethanol-producing or alternative fuel-producing crops.”

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