Canadian Study to Boost Biodiesel

John Davis

Canada logo A newly-completed study in Ontario shows that biodiesel could be an effective alternative fuel for farm operations in Canada. According to a Canadian government press release, the project was conducted on six farms in the province:

“This project was designed to accelerate the adoption of biodiesel use on Ontario farms through a series of on-farm evaluations,” said Deanna Deaville, Special Project Coordinator with the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA), which is administering the project. “Biodiesel has the potential to reduce Canada’s dependence on fossil fuels, provide great environmental benefits and increase market opportunities for Canadian oilseed producers.”

Gary Lunn “Our Government is committed to encouraging the development and use of renewable fuels,” said the Honourable Gary Lunn, Minister of Natural Resources. “Initiatives such as these play an important role in helping us achieve the government’s objective of five percent renewable content in transportation fuels by 2010. This is another example of how we can create new economic opportunities for farmers and the agricultural sector while also taking care of our environment.”

Five percent and 20% blends were tested and found, of course, to burn cleaner than conventional diesel. Officials hope the success of the project will encourage more biodiesel use across Canada.

The full study is expected to be released next month. It will be available through the OSCIA Web site:

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