Happy April Fools’ Day!

Cindy Zimmerman

Couple of ethanol-related April Fool stories on-line:

Rutabagas for biofuels
Research by the biofuels industry has turned up a feedstock that does not compete with the food supply: rutabagas.
“Nobody likes rutabagas,” says Toby Marston, CEO of biofuels startup Rutaba-Gas LLC. “American farmers grow tons of rutabagas, but nobody really eats them. They’re perfect for making fuel.” Marston says people buy the distasteful, turnip-like vegetables with the best of intentions, but they sit in the refrigerator and end up being thrown out

Ethanol not Kosher
It seems some Orthodox Jews, especially those of the ultra-conservative Ashkenazi breed, supposedly have challenged the use of ethanol-tainted fuel in the cars of their fellow temple members.
Ethanol is made from corn, which is forbidden for Ashkenazis to eat during Passover–meaning the next few days. But the operator of a gas station selling “Kosher” gasoline, a Mr. Yanev Ben-Zaken, is reported to claim the religious laws also ban any benefit to Ashkenazi Jews from corn.

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