Broin Changes Name

Cindy Zimmerman

The nation’s largest dry mill ethanol producer has changed its name from Broin to Poet ™.

According to a company release, “the change was made by the company in order to strengthen its communications, unify its several companies under one brand and better reflect its current position.”

Poet Poet President and CEO Jeff Broin said they wanted a name that would reflect the unique nature of their organization. “We wanted a name that would represent, rather than describe, who we are and what we do,” Broin said. “As a poet takes everyday words and turns them into something valuable and beautiful; we use creativity that comes from common sense to leave things better than we found them.”

In announcing the change, he said, “This company is not about one person. This company is about an unbelievable team of dedicated professionals who work together to change the world we live in. Although I plan to be part of this organization for a long time, I don’t feel that my last name is the best name to take this company through the next generation.”

The Poet name will now be on all formally-Broin companies, including:
Broin Companies, which will now be simply Poet; Broin Management, which will be Poet Plant Management; Broin & Associates, now Poet Design & Construction; Ethanol Products, now Poet Ethanol Products; Dakota Gold Marketing, which will now be called Poet Nutrition and Broin Enterprises, which will be Poet Research Center.

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