E Energy Adams Webcam Live

Chuck Zimmerman

E Energy Adams WebcamIf you’ve ever wanted to watch an ethanol plant being built, well now you can.

E Energy Adams is letting you get a very up front and personal view of their plant construction.

They’ve got a very cool live webcam set up which allows you to control it (pan, tilt, zoom, etc.). This is a still photo from earlier today. You have two choices of what kind of stream you want to view, Motion Jpeg or Mpeg-4. You can watch as the crews are hard at work. If more than one person is on at the same time it puts you into a queue so you wait your turn. Then you’ve got about a minute before your time’s up.

E Energy Adams WebcamHere’s a photo from just a few minutes ago. It doesn’t look quite as busy at night.

The mission statement for E Energy Adams says, “Our goal is to use locally grown grains to produce an environmentally friendly fuel which will add value to the local economy while generating profits for both our investor owners and area grain and livestock producers.”

Listen to an interview with E Energy Adams chairman Jack Alderman who was at the Homestead IndyCar race this past weekend. Listen to MP3 File Jack Alderman (2:30 min MP3)

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