NEVC Has New FFV Numbers

Cindy Zimmerman

NEVC The National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition has recently acquired a database of flexible fuel vehicle (FFV) registrations as identified by zip code. With the data and newly acquired software, NEVC is now able to prepare detailed maps of the locations of FFVs in each state. This data can then be used to assist with identifying the most practical locations forwhere to install E85 infrastructure.

“The information provided by this new database will help the NEVC assist retailers with installing E85 fueling locations in the most populated FFV regions,” stated Phil Lampert, executive director for the NEVC. “The software also allows us to zoom in on municipalities which include multi zip codes to even more accurately site new E85 stations.”

The information, comprised by R.L. Polk and Co., indicates that there are approximately 5 million FFVs on American roads with the top three states being Texas, Florida and California.

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