Bush Talks Energy in Missouri

Cindy Zimmerman

President Bush talked about his energy initiatives, domestic fuel and alternative fuel vehicles during a visit to a Ford Motor assembly plant in Kansas City, Missouri on Tuesday.

“The reason I’ve come is I want to highlight an important initiative for the country, and that is to promote technologies so we are less reliant upon foreign sources of oil. And the best way to become less reliant on foreign sources of oil is to manufacture automobiles that will use either less gasoline, or different kinds of fuels,” said Bush.

Bush CarsThe president talked about his goal of reducing America’s gasoline consumption by 20 percent over the next 10 years and how hybrid cars and flex-fuel vehicles can help achieve that goal.

“You’re producing flex-fuel vehicles here, where somebody can decide to fill up with ethanol, or they can decide to fill up with gasoline, their choice. In turns out that Henry Ford — Model T was one of the first flex-fuel vehicles. I didn’t realize that until I came here — but that he had the vision of having the Model T run either on gasoline or ethanol. Isn’t that interesting?”

Read the president’s entire address at the Ford plant from the White House website

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