Soybean Board Calls for More Use of Soy Biodiesel

John Davis

Soy Checkoff logo The United Soybean Board released a statement today encouraging farmers to use more soy-based biodiesel in their farm equipment.

In a press release, USB points out that biodiesel does a great job of lubricating engines, as well of offering an alternative to petroleum. And the board points out that soybean chyeckoff money has been helping fund biodiesel efforts for years:

“U.S. soybean farmers have enjoyed plenty of success in our industry over the years, and biodiesel has to be one of the most notable feathers in our cap,” says USB Chairman Eric Niemann, a soybean farmer from Nortonville, Kan. “Farmers have been true champions regarding promotion of biodiesel to fuel suppliers and diesel users across the countryside. We helped form the National Biodiesel Board (NBB) which continues to drive biodiesel research, promotion and help pump this fast-growing renewable fuel into the nation’s petroleum infrastructure.”

The National Biodiesel Board says 225 million gallons of biodiesel was used in 2006. Officials say about 50% of all American farmers use biodiesel in their equipment… and they want to see that number to move to ALL farmers.

The board released the information as we approach National Biodiesel Day, March 18th… the birthday of Rudolph Diesel, inventor of the diesel engine.