Global Warming Education

Cindy Zimmerman

GW 101 One of the goals of Will Steger’s Global Warming 101 expedition is to educate students about the impact of global climate change on the people living closest to the Arctic Circle.

That’s why there are two educators on the expedition, which is currently traveling across Canada’s Baffin Island. One of them is Abby Fenton of Boston, Massachusetts.

“Right now we have six lesson plans that are all aligned to national standards that are available for free, easy to download, for junior high through high school and then we have a set of over 50 activities based on global warming and those are also free,” said Fenton. There are also a variety of other educational materials on the website, all of which will be updated on a regular basis throughout the expedition.

AbbyFenton says the lessons on the website will document the affect of global climate change on the Inuit people to educate young people about a culture they often learn nothing about in school. In addition, the educational materials on the website include actions that individuals can take to make a difference, such as using ethanol-enriched fuel.

“It’s not that ethanol is the end-all solution to global warming, but it’s a step toward a whole new way of thinking,” Fenton said. “So, we’re really excited about that partnership, something people can do that is out there now and available.”

The expedition and its educational efforts are being supported by the ethanol industry through the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council and Fagen Inc.

Global Warming 101 invites anyone who would like to learn more to download lesson plans from the website,

Listen an interview with Abby done in Ely, Minnesota shortly before the team left on their expedition: Listen to MP3 File Abby Fenton (6 min MP3)

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